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HOMERUS Rent a Car
    Terms & Conditions


A.  Rental requirements:

  • Driver should be over 23 years of age.

  • Greek drivers license, country member of European union or international license that has been issued les than a year ago.

  • Credit Cards accepted:

B.  General Terms of Rental:

  1. The minimum time of rental is one day.

  2. Petrol consumption is payable by the renter.

  3. Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek traffic law during rental period are solely the renterís responsibility.

  4. The car may be used only for legal use.

  5. Rentals are valid only for within Lesvos.
    The renter cannot travel outside Lesvos without a written permission of Homerus Rent a Car.

C.  Insurance coverage:

  1. The Insurance does not cover any damages, which may have been created wile the driver is under the influence of alcohol or the influence of drugs. Also damages are not covered in the case the car was in movement on UN unpaved road, engaged in car racing or engaged in illegal actions.

  2. Damages abroad, at the bottom of the car and tires are not covered by any insurance if it is not a result of a car accident.